When one of us shines, we all shine

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“I need help before I can afford it!”

30 consecutive days of business and marketing coaching to set you up and point you in the right direction.
Subsequent weekly trainings to help you create momentum and growth.
10 weekly Zoom coaching sessions to answer your questions, get you unstuck, and to support you as a collective.
A collective of powerfully Heartfelt entrepreneurs dedicated to supporting you as much as they are themselves.

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DAY 3:

“I’ve landed my first 1 on 1 client.

…I am only 3 days into my one on one coaching month with Jessa and I’ve landed my first 1 on 1 client and the momentum is already flowing!

We seriously just started on Tuesday.

If you’re on the fence about doing the one of a kind coaching EVERYDAY with Jessa, stop what you’re doing and sign up now.”


Healer | Heatfelt Awakening

DAY 3:

“…potential clients the right way…

Day 3 – and counting! I am amazed with the speed and paced at which we are moving. Talk about momentum!

Today was more of me “Owning” my craft 🙂 and I think I did pretty damn well! My biggest takeaway from today’s session was the lesson that had to do with engaging with potential clients the right way,

And we all know that if you know Jessa, there seems to be a science to it (which allows you to accomplish 3 things at once). #thisgirlisgood”


Entrepreneuer | Virtual Assistant

DAY 18:

“This sh** works! Do it!

The old saying “Proof is in the pudding” is so true. Does Jessa‘s 30-day momentum work? It does!

I am so thrilled to see how the numbers grew in my FB group over the last month.

Following Jessa’s day coaching tips my group grew by 40 members and the engagement increased!

If you have hesitated to sign up, don’t!


Practitioner | Business & Life Coach

DAY 4:

“…The most I’ve accomplished in a single week.

I’m pretty sure this is the most I’ve accomplished in a single week in so many ways since starting my business.

And it’s only Day 4 with Jessa.

I enjoyed reflecting on my progress so far, relishing a little self care, and outlining what needs to be tweaked for next week

Life is good.


Healer | Stardust Academy

This is not a typical coaching scenario. Here’s How we implement it.
Instead of 1 one hour session a week with homework, you will have daily sessions with daily intensive homework.
Every single day you will have objectives that will move your business forward —Every. Single. Day. (Okay, not weekends, I’m not a drill sergeant.)
Each day we will assess your steps so far, map out your next best objective for the day, and incorporate any tools, resources, connections, or elements I and my team may have for you.
The 30 days of intense coaching, training, and support will be just that – intense. You will be working diligently and with purpose to create a business that is balanced, prosperous, and powerful.

Come to these sessions ready to own it, work it, and do it!

  • 2 momentum sessions/day mon-thurs
  • 1 growth session/week on Wed (This totals 9 coaching sessions per week to choose from. Attend one or all, you decide!)
  • Lifetime access to both sides A and B of the Momentum program delivered to you every day for the first 30 days. 
  • Lifetime access to all previous and future Growth trainings delivered to you each week. 
  • Free access to any upcoming masterclasses
  • Free virtual attendance to any Live Streamed sessions of the Heartfelt Retreat
  • Networking and exposure cues and opportunities within the entire collective of entrepreneurs ready to support you.
As you know, balance is important.
Specifically in a Heartfelt business we focus on the balance between what we refer to as the ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ sides of your business.
The ‘Masculine’ side of your business is your branding*, structure, etc. The ‘Feminine’ side of your business is your exposure, availability, modality etc.
Your daily coaching sessions will focus primarily on your ‘Feminine’ side of your business.
Behind the scenes though, the creative team will be working on your branding* for you.
As you gain clarity as to your business goals, functions, and offerings the team will be injecting that into your branding*.
It is vital to have an amazing presence, to show up often, and lead with authenticity – but if you don’t present as a legitimate business all of that love and energy will not get you far.

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Build your foundation and systems.

Grow your community and conversions.

Create and Maintain Momentum.

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