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Jessa Hargrove

Business Strategist & Transformational Marketing Expert

I used to be so allergic to anything remotely market-y, but Jessa’s authenticity and creativity have a way of making it all so delightful! We need more people like Jessa speaking their truth in the world.”

- Aura

A bit about working together

You’re a wellness entrepreneur or a service based business that helps others.

You help people grow, heal, and create better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

What you offer creates transformation and life-long value. It’s what you do – it is your calling.

You are brave, strong, and capable… but does that come across when you are faced with the daunting tasks of organizing your thoughts when it comes to your business.

  • Writing social media posts, closing new clients
  • Creating a message that ~hopefully~ will get you a client
  • Mapping out and re-mapping out a new strategy each week that will ~hopefully~ work?

You are a master at what you do. You spend thousands of hours helping people – often for free. You shouldn’t have to ‘prove yourself’ to an whole new audience every day that may or may not respond to your messages and posts. It shouldn’t be THIS HARD.

This is where I come into the equation.

I bring out the magic in you, the power of what you do, and help you share it in the ever so important world of digital marketing. I make it so that these important tasks no longer daunt, frustrate, or embarrass you, or a simply waste your time.

Working with people like you, whose stakes are as high as their energy, whose calling is to share and help our fellow humans – energizes me and empowers me to do the amazing work I do to help communicate your value, power, truth, and alignment.

Your Success is My Success!

Jessa shared things with us for FREE that coaches I had paid in the past had no idea about. I will be rewatching and implementing it all asap.”

- Karen H


Coaching and Support for Wellness Entrepreneurs - Regardless of their Financial Circumstances.

A word on why we created this movement:

The world can be a better place – one person at a time.

The only way to do that is to help one person at a time. The Heartfelt Collective is comitted to helping everyone – regardless of their financial situation.

The Heartfelt Movement is an international collective of coaching entrepreneurs across many disciplines with a common belief: that we can help make the world a better place by sharing our knowledge with all who need it, not only those who can afford it.

We’re changing the paradigm so that knowledge and help that has been available in elite circles, for a hefty price tag, is accessible to anyone looking to improve their quality of life either personally or professionally.

With income disparity at levels not seen in our lifetime, we believe offering our help at affordable rates is more important now than ever.

What we’re doing:

We’re removing income as a barrier to the powerful coaching, teaching, and healing knowledge of the growing collective.

By sharing skills to get past obstacles that hold us back, as well as guidance and strategies for personal and professional growth, we can change lives.

(See bios below for more about who we are and our areas of practice.)

How we’re doing it:

We’ve adopted a pay-what-you-can model*, which means that anyone can get the coaching and support they need to improve their lives, at a price that works for them.

If you’ve ever felt stuck and you found the support to break through, you know what a difference this work can make. 

We’re asking you to help us bring our work to a wider audience so they can experience that growth and success.


BECOME A HEARTFELT COACH & JOIN THE MOVEMENT If you feel aligned with the Heartfelt Movement and would like to create a sustainable and powerful coaching business based on the Heartfelt model, contact the founder, Jessa Hargrove.


We are offering everyone coaching, business opportunities, exposure, and more in exchange for support and appreciation.

Thank You!



Our growing collective of coaches are from all walks of life, modalities, religions, and regions. Meet them all and ask for help!


If you or someone you know needs help or advice STAT, contact any of our coaches above any time. We will help you ASAP.

The largest collection of absolutely free resources, trainings, and coaching for service based online entrepreneurs. All of these trainings will help you with Business, Marketing, and Mindset to get you pointed in the right direction. 

It is all free and PITCH free! I don't even want your email address.

Click Here to Get Them All!

This is not a drill.

Yes, this program is entierly donation based, and if you absolutely cannot afford even $10, that's ok!

Come, get the help you need - no strings attached.

This is not a chincy, cutsie, or even 'easy' program. It takes you deep and far, at your own pace.

Click here to come, grow, and prosper! 

Yes, full on Business and Marketing Coaching every single day, twice a day - for only $55/week.

Come to some or all sessions to get personalized coaching for today's best moves in your business.

What sets a business with longevity apart from the ones that fade fast is the ability to ALWAYS be making moves forward

- boldly and elegantly.

Click here to uplevel today, tomorrow, and forever.

Did you see the pro-bono help I offer?

It's not just me! That one program has become a MOVEMENT. Dozens of other coaches are following the Heartfelt Business model and becoming powerfully prosperous by giving - powerfully. 

If the idea of truly giving and truy receiving sparks Joy in you - JOIN US!

The exposure, coaching, family, fun, and support are changing the world and making sure that EVERYONE gets the help they need, no matter what it is or how much they can afford. 

Click here to meet the Collective and get their help. 

Click here to join the Collective.

Do you have a vision that you want to create a culture and community around?

Do you want to turn it into a Movement?

Are your goals so big that they scare the people around you?

Click here to ontct me to schedule a time to chat about working 1:1 with me. Programs range from $3,000 - $8,500 depending on how deep you want to go.


Contact me!


(The Heartfelt Marketing Private Group)