Introducing 1:1 coaching that does not end until you have recouped your entire investment (interest included)!
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The largest collection of absolutely free resources, trainings, and coaching for service based online entrepreneurs. All of these trainings will help you with Business, Marketing, and Mindset to get you pointed in the right direction. 

It is all free and PITCH free! I don’t even want your email address.

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This is not a drill.

Yes, this program is entierly donation based, and if you absolutely cannot afford even $10, that’s ok!

Come, get the help you need – no strings attached.

This is not a chincy, cutsie, or even ‘easy’ program. It takes you deep and far, at your own pace.

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Yes, full on Business and Marketing Coaching every single day, twice a day – for only $55/week.

Come to some or all sessions to get personalized coaching for today’s best moves in your business.

What sets a business with longevity apart from the ones that fade fast is the ability to ALWAYS be making moves forward

– boldly and elegantly.

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Did you see the pro-bono help I offer?

It’s not just me! That one program has become a MOVEMENT. Dozens of other coaches are following the Heartfelt Business model and becoming powerfully prosperous by giving – powerfully. 

If the idea of truly giving and truy receiving sparks Joy in you – JOIN US!

The exposure, coaching, family, fun, and support are changing the world and making sure that EVERYONE gets the help they need, no matter what it is or how much they can afford. 

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Do you have a vision that you want to create a culture and community around?

Do you want to turn it into a Movement?

Are your goals so big that they scare the people around you?

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The empathic approach to your business’ growth –

and your personal growth

that is attainable for you and for the people who need you.

Because you help others be well.

Now I’ll help you do well. You’re about due, given what you do.

To help you do better in business.

So that you can do better in your own life – and get more out of your investment in it – without having to invest too much, or ask others to do the same. 

Because it's better to know your next best step.

To get the confidence to empower yourself to help others better.


Because it's good to know that someone has your back.

Accountability pushes you forward to reach your goals with confidence.

Not every coach is perfect for every entrepreneur. This we know! Let’s take a moment to see if we are a good match before we go any further. 

I have two main sticking points when it comes to choosing my clients:

1. ARE YOU ABLE TO ACCEPT HELP? Being ‘coachable’ is so important for EVERYONE, especially if you are considering hiring a coach. Trust me, I have met my fair share of ‘un-coachable’ individuals and choose to only work with people willing to learn, work, grow, and take what I give them and RUN  with it – do MORE with it, and SHARE it. 

2. DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT ENERGY? Are you willing to work at a purposeful pace and simply ‘be’ outside of your comfort zone while you grow in order to see the changes you need? (not too outside of your comfort zone, of course – we are talking about Facebook Lives etc…)

I used to be so allergic to anything remotely market-y, but Jessa’s authenticity and creativity have a way of making it all so delightful! We need more people like Jessa speaking their truth in the world”


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